Are you ready to travel like an architect?

Are you ready to travel like an architect?


Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you have used your camera more properly and more professionally?

You might be into architecture photography, or you just wish to take perfect photographs of landmarks while traveling through Europe to document your visits.


Memorable holiday doesn’t happen by chance. Getting it right takes research, planning and, more importantly, time.

So, whether it’s round the world for a year or down the road for the weekend, you’ll have a holiday designed exactly for you.


Check some Architecture Photography Tips:


There are times when it is better for the main element to be placed in the center as in the case of symmetry.

When you have a photo that can be split into two mirror images, it is definitely better to align the most important photo element centrally.



“Look-up” shots: Shooting upwards is also a powerful way to capture tall buildings and great building interiors.

This adds depth to the image and helps to create a stronger focal point.

Therefore, always look up to see if there’s anything interesting above you.



Exploring details that are lost when an entire facade is shot in one frame.

Details could reveal something new about the building’s history or construction.



Playing with perspective by taking time to find a different angle from which to photograph

may give rise to another level of beauty and appreciation of building’s form.



“Space” rule: It is much better to take a photograph where the moving element has considerable space ahead.




Finally, if you travel like an architect:

Your vacations always become research

Shoot in a variety of weather conditions and times of day

Visit art museums and take pictures of the buildings



And don’t forget that the photos that you’ll be taking soon will be materials in telling stories to your friends!

It will also be a great documentation of your memorable trips that you will be grateful when you get old,

or you could try to create your own blog!



Start packing your bags and charge your camera and you will bring back lots of magical memories,

reminiscences that would make you smile and shed a few tears in having experienced something beautiful and unique!



“Every story needs a picture to create magical memories”

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