Today’s Stores

Today’s Stores – Are You One of It?

We live in a very modern, digital world, with ever-changing boundaries. With a growing number of customers

turning to online sources to buy products, physical stores and brands need to offer a richer experience to consumers than ever before.

The environment of the store is the ultimate showcase and the natural point of contact between brand and customer.

Its powerful design is what will increase the time spent in the store of the modern busy consumer who tends to shop in a hurry.

We Sell “Emotions”

Retail spaces and brands is slowly moving into an era of selling emotions, not “things”. It focuses on the human,

creating spaces that host exclusive collections, speeches, events that only one’s own customers can come and experience.

The age of selfies is decreasing. People are looking for places to connect, to find a sense of purpose, to find food for the mind and soul.

Source: Coal Drops Yard London

Order Online Vs Showroom

On the other hand, big brands, such as Samsung, create stores as showrooms for online orders.

In the physical store, consumers experience how Samsung products can help make their lives better.

Samsung KX showroom – Source: Coal Drops Yard London

Gaming era

Gaming is also a new sales strategy. Gaming presents a product to the consumer in a more playful way,

increasing their loyalty by taking advantage of their emotions. For example, for the release of the new Nike React shoes,

an interactive toy installation was implemented in 4 stores in China where customers could try on the shoes and be transported

into the game by running in a fantasy land that represented the attributes of the product (soft, light).

48% of those who played bought the product.


The key for the future success is to create a powerful brand strategy and identity

through physical and digital retail design inspired by human emotions and connection.

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“We design to make people smile from the inside out.”

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